Welcome to Consonare Chorale's 9th Season  2014-15


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We are thrilled and honored to present our 2014-15 season!  Thank you for your support in bringing inspired, exciting and collaborative choral concerts to one of the sexiest choral venues in Portland, Oregon.  This season Consonare has a few surprises up our sleeve.  Enter to win a FREE pair of concert tickets by clicking "like" on our Facebook page.  Drawings will be held during concert week of each event.  We look forward to sharing musical stories and rich experiences during our time together.    



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 Light House



Lamps & Lenses: A Light from Afar





The Siren’s Song

Saturday • March 14th• 2015 at 7:30pm 


Let the beauty of the siren’s song tempt you to enchantment. Tonight’s music will be irresistibly sweet and mingled with the sadness of longing. Voices of the past will beguile you for an evening. However, no need to beware of a rocky coastline or perilous end. Consonare will navigate through the tempest and deliver you peacefully ashore.


Bowl of Fruit 


Forbidden Fruit

Saturday • June 6th • 2015 at 7:30pm 


Though their skin glows compellingly, beware of a false veneer. Often used to transport a seed or desire, forbidden fruits have been used to charm, make amends or as a poisonous ruse. Consonare gives voice to harbingers and advice offered through fable and verse. Throw caution to the wind and see what temptations abound.






Georgina Philippson, Conductor & Artistic Director

Rebecca Stager, Accompanist


Coming together to sound, harmonize and resonate with ideas since 2006…


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